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A Player With Zero Knowledge

Jim Brochu as Zero Mostel in "Zero Hour."

February 28 would have been Zero Mostel’s 106th birthday, and to celebrate this unique theatrical talent, Turner Classic Movies broadcast a Zero double feature. It began with Mostel’s first film, Du Barry Was A Lady (1943), featuring Lucille Ball, Gene Kelly and Red Skelton; followed by the beloved actor’s final screen appearance, The Front (1976), with Woody Allen.

Best of all, TCM host Ben Mankiewicz invited our own Jim Brochu to join him for the celebration. Jim not only knew Zero, he also played him in his award-winning solo show Zero Hour.

In case you missed seeing a Player as a TCM guest, here’s a link to Jim’s segments:

1 Comment

Karen Madden
Mar 19, 2021

Thanks Tom! Jim was charming (as always!) on the TCM salute to Zero.

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