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A Players Flashback: 1938


Hollywood began—as a subdivision—almost simultaneously with laying out the plans for The Players. Film production began in earnest in the 1910s, and quickly ramped up as a major industry. Even with active east coast film production, New York theatre actors were aggressively recruited for Hollywood productions, and our bicoastal and west coast-based member constituencies grew.

While we never launched a west coast clubhouse, Players in Los Angeles had informal social events among themselves and met for special occasions. For the 50th Anniversary of the club in 1938, a celebratory Players contingent of over six dozen gathered for dinner at the Bel-Air Country Club. With names from behind the scenes and above the title, it was a long-distance toast to the spirits of Gramercy Park.

Townes Coates is a producer and writer. He is Chair of the Managing Committee at The Players. Drop him a line here.

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Linda Porto
11 באוק׳ 2022

What a spectacular dinner! Every classic movie lover’s dream, and seat me between Ty Power & Melvyn Douglas!💕


Rory Schwartz
10 באוק׳ 2022

That's quite a list. All my favorite character actors.

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