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Meet A New Player: G. Carl Rutberg

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

G. Carl Rutberg, Ph.D. – Creative Director, Lindman New York: Custom Neck / Bow ties, Joined March 2019. Interviewed by Josh Weisberg.

What attracted you to The Players?

I’ve visited the club over the years, attending various events, then last December I went to a BNI business network party and I brought home an application. Actually, it was the second time I had brought home an application. I think I had this idea that the club was for “rich” people and not for me, but in December I said screw it and applied for membership.

Where’s your favorite hangout space?

Probably the reading room (alcove). I find it very relaxing and I like looking out those windows. But when the weather’s nice, the terrace is my number one.

Preferred tipple?

You know, right now I’m drinking White Russians. I guess I find something I like and stay with it. As soon as Eddie sees me, he goes to get the milk!

Stripes or solids, or do you not wield a stick?

I don’t really play a lot of pool.

Do you attend/participate in Players events? If so, which ones have you enjoyed?

Oh yeah, all the time. I went to the Sinatra thing a few weeks ago and it was fantastic, it really was so much fun. I try to do those. I’m a docent, so I read the Booth book and “A Certain Club,” and give tours, which is a lot of fun. I’m participating on the Membership Committee as well. And one day, mark my words, I will make it on to the dining room stage. One day . . .

How many new friends/acquaintances have you made since joining?

A lot of new friends. Definitely. I come every week. Some weeks more than one night. You have to take the initiative, you have to show up and take part.

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Nichole Donje
Nichole Donje
07 ม.ค. 2563

And we are so glad you’re here Carl!

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