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My First Visit


Program Cover of Troilus and Cressida by William Shakespeare
Shana Farr, Jeffrey Hardy, and Austin

I first visited The Players in 2011 when an acquaintance of mine invited me for drinks. Unaware it even existed, I was thinking about joining the National Arts Club next-door. But when I walked into the townhouse at 16 Gramercy Park South, something happened - call it magical, call it spiritual, call it ghosts, but I was overwhelmed by an inexplicable sense of belonging. As I was touring the house and learning about the history, I felt a profound connection - a home away from home. That visit to The Players was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Little did I know that acquaintance would become my husband, Jeffrey Hardy, and The Players would become our family.

Blog Contributor
Shana Farr

Shana Farr is an actress, singer, writer, jewelry designer, and mother. She became a member of The Players in 2012, assuming roles such as Vice President of The Board and Chair of Programming, while also contributing to various committees. Currently, she serves on the board of The Players Foundation for Theater Education, co-hosts The Parlor Series, and is Editor of The Brief Chronicles.


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