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A Players Flashback: 1932

Updated: Dec 24, 2020


Starting with the front page, there were multiple references to the retirement of Walter Oettel in the March 1932 club news. Walter was a stalwart of the club staff, and you will hear more about him in future entries here in The Brief Chronicles.

Not least of the news updates in this edition was the reordering and renovation of some rooms in the house. Most prominently, with a headline and lede proving all men are still 12-year-old boys in their humor, was the reopening of the billiard room. Today, of course, we call this space The Grill. The 1932 version of the lower floor was not a dining venue but contained a space for playing pool, member mailboxes, and the main service bar from which drinks were delivered throughout the club. 

One curious item notes the return of “the sacred elephants.” Do you know this clubhouse secret? Email me with the answer (see address link below) and claim your spot to share the story here.

From The Players Bulletin, March 1932.

Townes Coates is a producer and writer. He is Co-Chair of Membership at The Players. Drop him a line here.


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