Five Things To Love About "Tootsie: The Musical"

Updated: Dec 1, 2020


The Roommate

Tootsie wisely declines to compete with Bill Murray’s performance in the movie. Andy Grotelueschen is a more rumbustious roomie, and his Act Two opener, "Jeff Sums It Up," is a highlight, even if it is one of those songs we’re meant to think is terribly clever for using the word "fuck."

"What’s Gonna Happen"

Sung at a rollicking clip by a careening Sarah Stiles, this rat-a-tat patter song is the show’s best number. 

Reg Rogers

Because he’s Reg Rogers.

A Marquee Production At The Marquis 

Hits have been thin on the ground at the Marquis since On Your Feet sashayed off the stage a couple years back. Good to see ’em get a bit of razzle dazzle back.  

All That Yaz

The last musical David Yazbek set his hand to was also based on a movie. But the brash punch of Tootsie is worlds (not to mention continents) away from the lilting melancholy of The Band’s Visit. It’s like discovering that Emily Dickinson was also a dab hand at randy limericks. Well played. 

The Enthusiast ( is the pen name of critic Michael Collins. He reports back only on what’s good, never what’s bad. But what he declines to praise can speak volumes.

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