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Getting To 100

Updated: Dec 2, 2020


This is the one-hundredth post of The Brief Chronicles, a pretty good showing since we only “went live” last June. We hope you’re enjoying it as much as we’re enjoying putting it together. We couldn't possibly have gotten here without our wonderful group of contributors, so thanx a $1MM, folks.

What is my main wish for the next hundred posts, and beyond? It’s to get even more Players involved by contributing to our “digital magazine.” What are we looking for? In a way that’s impossible to say, because we want to surprise as well as entertain you. But I’ll try my best to describe it.

Imagine you’re sitting across from me at a club table in the Grill. Now tell me what’s on your mind. Your opinions on cabbages and kings. Something you’ve just done, or seen, or read, or heard, or felt. Show me a lovely photo you took, or a piece of artwork you’ve drawn. Maybe offer a bit of verse or song. A tall tale from the past. A rhapsody on what the club means to you, or how you discovered it, or simply how homesick you feel in these trying times. Something funny. Naughty. Heartfelt. Theatrical. Something human. If you've inferred any rules from what you have just read, then break 'em.

Our first mission is to be of, by and for The Players. Our second mission is to define and demonstrate the Players community for non-members, who are welcome — nay, encouraged — to subscribe and read along. (Including any of your friends who might get a kick out of an arts-oriented...whatever. We don't check IDs. Feel free to invite anyone in!)

You are a vital part of that community which we enjoy at “A Certain Club." So please help us make the Chronicles even better by raising your own voice. To submit a piece for consideration, or just to sound me out on an idea before writing, drawing, shooting or singing, email me here. Meanwhile, stay home, stay safe -- and stay with us, because there's lots more great stuff on the way!

Tom Dupree has been a professional newsman, adman, critic and editor, and an actor and director at the college and community level. His personal blog is at In his spare time, he's the editor of The Brief Chronicles.


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