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Meet A New Player: Theresa Wozunk

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Theatre Producer, joined April 2019. Interviewed by Josh Weisberg.

What attracted you to The Players?

I feel I have a number of clear passions in my life: history, theatre, and old houses. The Players kind of hits all them for me. You’re supporting a piece of history here, and that’s something very special. To make a donation to the Landmarks Conservancy is fine, but to actually be part of a living, breathing piece of history is a different thing entirely. Also, with my work in theatre I thought the club would be a great central location to meet people for drinks or dinner, use the facility, and expose more people to The Players.

Where’s your favorite hangout space?

I do like the Grill and enjoy those evenings when there are lots of people around. However, I intend to utilize the Library more, and look forward to exploring the collection.

Preferred tipple?

Aperol and seltzer. I’m a lightweight and I try to stay lucid when I’m here. And, with all due respect to Eddie, I avoid the Martinis.

Stripes or solids, or do you not wield a stick?

I’m a terrible pool player! (Note: Theresa might be interested in a few lessons from the resident experts.)

Do you attend/participate in Players events? If so, which ones have you enjoyed?

I’ve come to a few since I’ve joined, such as movie nights, readings and presentations. I gravitate towards the theatre-oriented events. I am searching for events where I can meet new people so maybe I’ll check out some of the wine/food pairing evenings, and I'm quite curious about the Dutch Treat Club.

How many new friends/acquaintances have you made since joining?

I’ve met a few people, and when I visit it’s nice to see people I know. I generally come by when I know certain people will be here, but look forward to expanding my circle of friends.


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