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The Players Revivals 1936: The County Chairman by George Ade


Program Cover of The County Chairman by George Ade
Program Cover of The County Chairman by George Ade

Playwright, reporter, and syndicated columnist George Ade was remarkably prolific in the early 20th century, with 18 original plays and musicals on Broadway between 1901 and 1918.

The County Chairman was a political tale and, like much of Ade’s work, had its foundations in midwestern small town culture. The playwright later claimed that he had taken character names from a list of tax delinquencies in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

While he was commissioned to adapt two of his stage works (including this one) for film, Ade was not happy with the business of motion pictures. As audience tastes evolved and his own commitment to multi-act playwriting ebbed, he pursued other projects.

This 1936 Players revival was the last time his work appeared on a Broadway stage. He became a Player the same year, maintaining a membership until his death in 1944. The character illustration that appears on the program cover is by Player Norman Rockwell, and currently hangs in the Grill.

The Players Revivals were a series of short engagements in Broadway houses mounted by the club between the world wars. With a membership comprised of producers, directors, actors, designers, and lovers of the stage, the club was well-suited to produce these plays, which were staffed entirely by club members and colleagues. The 8–10 performance runs served as a source of income for the club.

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Townes Coates is a writer and producer of documentary film. He serves as the twentieth President of The Players.


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