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The Rabbit And The Squirrel


The rabbit and the squirrel found presents at their front door.

As they opened their finds a wisp of smoke and clouds

Appeared and a fairy spoke to them as she waved her magic wand.

The rabbit asked the squirrel what he was hoping for.

The squirrel said, "An abundance of food to nourish my body

During the long winter, and a very fine home."

He then asked the rabbit what he wished for.

The rabbit smiled, as only a rabbit can.

"I wish for a safe space to live in peace and happiness.

A warm spot in which to pray and show my gratitude.

To be free to speak my mind and express what is inside of me.

Not to be attached to anything that I do not already have."

The squirrel was embarrassed by his need for material riches.

A tear fell from his eye as he exchanged all he wished for--

For what he already had.

Sandy Rochelle is a widely published poet, a featured artist in the film Bohemia, The Life of a New York City Poet, a member of the Acting Company of Lincoln Center, host of the President's Award-winning television series On Our Own, and a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in the Spoken Word category.


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