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When A Player Dies

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Photo by Nichole Donjé


When a Player dies

the lights dim

but the lanterns burn

When a Player dies

crowds gather

and the soul of the club comes alive

When a Player dies

we bond together

to make sense of our fate

When a Player dies

their spirit supports the historic beams

that weigh heavy with grief

When a Player dies

a body leaves

but a light remains

When a Player dies

tears flow with warm embraces

reminding us of those still here

When a Player dies

a glass is emptied while numerous others

are raised and refilled

When a Player dies

in their honor, our hearts open

When a Player dies

We remember together

Welcoming the ghosts.

Dedicated to Joe Gehring and all of the dear friends and fellow Players we have lost over the years. We raise our glasses knowing you will drink with us always!

Nichole Donjé is a director, producer, poet, artist, Players committee addict, man-lovin’ feminist, dog mamma, fabulous wife, and all-around crazy person. Oh, also Brief Chronicles publisher and Players Communications Chair.

3 comentários

Suzanne W. Stout
Suzanne W. Stout
23 de mai. de 2020

Nicole, What an evocative photograph and a beautiful, love filled poem, a wonderful tribute to

your dear, dear friend.


22 de mai. de 2020

Beautiful, Nichole. Very moving tribute. xox Bill


Linda Porto
21 de mai. de 2020

Thank you Nicole for this most touching poem.

So very timely, as I'm remembering our Dear Joe would soon be welcoming us to his home to celebrate the start of summer.

I still think of him often and miss him terribly.

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