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Conversation at The Players
John Andrews, Roz Chast and Patricia Marx

I've had many favorite memories at the Players but one that stands out is the evening with Roz Chast and Patricia Marx on the launch of their new book, a signed copy of which I now treasure. That evening not only included the book talk but also slides from their recent vacation to the Equator (where they were the only ones wearing typical NYC all black clothing - not great in very hot weather!) to them playing the ukulele. Where else could we see this?

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Charlene Weisler Schwarzkopf

Charlene Schwarzkopf, a member since 2018, has a 35+ year career in media research and business affairs at such companies as NBCU, Discovery, A&E, FX and AMC Networks. She currently leads a consultancy that advises in data and analytics and writes on the subject for major media publications. In her spare time she writes on the new age and, intermittently, creates assemblage art.

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Linda Porto
May 22

Enjoyed your description of this fun event, which I unfortunately missed. I smiled envisioning Roz and Patricia dressed in black at the Equator!

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