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A Poem for The Players

Don Marquis
Don Marquis

Ah, dead done! Forever dead and done

The mellow dusks, the friendly dusks and dim,

When Charley shook the cocktails up, or Tim­

Gone are ten thousand gleaming moments, gone

Like fireflies twinkling toward oblivion!

Ah, how the bubbles used to leap and swim,

Breaking in laughter round the goblet's brim,

When Walter pulled a cork for us, or John!

I have seen ghosts of men I never knew-

Great, gracious souls, the golden hearts of earth­

Look from the shadows in those rooms we love,

Living a wistful instant in our mirth:

I have seen Jefferson smile down on Drew,

And Booth pause, musing, on the stair above.

-- by Don Marquis

Donald Robert Perry Marquis (1878 - 1937) was an American humorist, journalist, and author. He was also a novelist, poet, newspaper columnist, and playwright as well as a Player.


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