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House Of Memory

Updated: Dec 2, 2020


If all the world’s a stage,

This small players’ house is the world.

How will it contain the city’s radiant core

Without enlightening its visitors?

This space hums with marches of multitudes

Chants from their lips, sweat from their brows.

Here, unharnessed power.

There, unfathomable knowledge.

The house makes memories of us all.

Inside we gather spirits

Spoken of as old companions.

Do they sit with you as you talk

Laugh as you laugh

Sigh as you sigh?

When did you hear the knock upon the table?

Was it tonight? Was it ever?

Was it billiards, or slow tread over the boards?

When you raise a glass with fellow players

To whose health are you drinking?  

Did they welcome you at the door, friend?

Fiona Finlay-Hunt is a technology and intellectual property attorney, lover of theatre, and member of The Players since 2018.

1 Comment

Karen Madden
May 05, 2020

Thank you Fiona!

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